Celebrating Mexican Independence and Culture in Denton

Abdias Martinez is bringing awareness to Mexican Independence Day by organizing a celebration at Cool Beans Bar and Grill on September, 16, 2017. “I was hanging out at Cool Beans and I said it would be so cool if we actually did something on Mexican Independence Day. That same day I went up to the manager and was like ‘Hey, can we do this?" said Martinez. He quickly received a yes answer to see his event through.

On the 16th of September 1810 a call for revolt against the Spaniards was made with the Cry of Dolores. In the early hours of the morning, Miguel Hidalgo rang the bells of of his church to call forth his congregation to hear his plea for revolution. In 1825 the date was declared Mexican Independence Day. 

“I am wanting to inform people that this is not Cinco de Mayo.” Martinez said, “Cinco de Mayo is a celebration over the war against the French that we won miraculously Martinez said, It is not the day Mexico declared Independence." 

While declaring independence on the 16th it wasn't until fifteen years later on the 28th of September that Mexico actually gained its independence. Martinez wanted to celebrate Mexico by putting together a celebration of food, art and drinks. 

Martinez said he wanted something casual to where people could celebrate. 

“I brought in a mexican artist to show their work.” Martinez said, “I am bringing in a local taco truck.” Tacos Del Rey in McKinney is coming in to sell authentic mexican street tacos and Sylvia Martinez will be displaying some of her artwork. 

Additionally, Cool Beans will be having specials on their margaritas and imported beer. 

“I am not trying to say something against our president but we should be recognized.” Martinez said, “Spanish is the second largest language. If you come to the University of North Texas you don't just see one person. Martinez said, You see many." 

Martinez said he wants Mexican Independence Day to be a celebration that brings people together, gets people informed, and joining in celebration.

“What better way to capture people than with cheap alcoholic drinks and authentic tacos?” Martinez said, “Rather than marching down the street about a day people don't really know about.” 

This is a chance for the community to do a meaningful recognition of Mexican culture.

“Our culture has been having the worst luck with colonization to the corruption with money right now, but I want people to know we are strong fighters.” Martinez said, “I have been thinking about this probably since May. I want this to be a celebration.” 

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