Call For Contributors

Calling all writers and photographers! The Dentonite is in the market for anyone willing to lend their talents, knowledge, and connections to us, as we are always trying to improve the content we produce. You can lend yourself to certain sections or contribute in multiple sections, whatever you are available for. The editors have each put together what they are looking for in their respective sections; read below and see if you would like to be a part of this awesome community. Their emails are listed below each section and we are always available to hear out your pitches, questions, and concerns.


Looking for writers who are avid fans of local music and have the capacity to write about it. Music-lovers of any genre are welcome: noise music, jazz, classical, indie, etc. The Dentonite is seeking more writers who are interested in informing Denton about happenings in the music community, as well as music reviews, editorials/opinion pieces. If you’re interested but don’t think you can describe the technical aspects of music, feel free to reach out and we would love to help you along. You can contact Music Editor Mallory Frenza directly at

Arts & Culture:

This section is expansive and can mean anything that isn’t food or music, so we are looking for writers willing to cover topics that capture anything culturally important to Dentonites. Any folks experienced in news writing, we need you! Arts & Culture can mean politics, activism, film, theatre, art, social issues, local business, etc. We specifically want to vamp up our coverage of marginalized communities and are looking for diverse writers. We want POC, LGBTQIA and women/femmes to cover topics they aren’t seeing in this section and whatever is important to them in Denton. (AKA we don’t want white men/white people covering your community.) Please help us create inclusive content which touches and impacts all the lives in Denton. Even if you aren’t a journalism writer, don’t worry, you can email us and we can guide you through anything. If you want to write anything for this section, have any pitches or questions, send an email to


We are looking to crowdsource some pieces on all things Denton food. If you find yourself at a new restaurant or one of your favorite spots eating a delectable dish, snap a picture and send it along with the name of the restaurant, the dish name and description of the dish to our Food Editor Stephanie Martinez. Whenever we receive enough to put together a piece, we will compile them together and we will credit you! Looking for writers who are avid fans of local music and have the capacity to write about it. This will be a recurring series so send away! Also, the food section is looking to have more focus on small, family businesses along with diverse foods. If you want to highlight more Latinx, Asian, Mediterranean or any foods, please write with us. You don’t need experience, just a love of food! Email your pictures and explanations, food pitches to


The Dentonite is home to an already amazing group of photographers who are able to explore their abilities as photojournalists. Of course, we are always willing to accept more to this team to be able to capture all the incredible moments happening around town. A photographer can pick up photosets, where they shoot an event which our photo editor throws out or something you want to cover. It can be a show, a speech, or anything exciting...just ask! We are also looking to include more photos in our written content, so a photographer can accompany writers and make our website colorful. Our Photo Editor Estelle Dailey oversees all photographers and encourages all of them to step out of their reach and try new things. She asks you to get adventurous, be creative and experiment with a variety of angles. If you want to be a photographer for us or want to shoot some events for our website, email