Andy's to Host Brunch Event Benefitting Jupiter House

It’s hard to not be devastated every time you pass the demolition site which was formerly the Downtown Mini Mall. Add the temporary loss of La Di Da and Jupiter House, and the square seems like an incomplete entity. However, in these difficult times, the local business culture continues to show that it cares about its fellow Denton businesses.

Enter the Big Band Together Brunch at Andy’s this Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event will feature David Pierce and the Swingin’ Ten as the entertainment.

“There’s definitely a magic about a town like Denton,” Pierce said. “Even though there’s so much development and new growth, it can still feel like a small town where people help each other out whenever they can. I’ve known [Andy’s co-owner] Eric [Pulido] and [Jupiter House co-owner] Joey [Hawkins] for many years, and any chance to work with them is a privilege."

A $10 entry fee gets you into the event, and all door proceeds will benefit Jupiter House.

“We started doing a series at Andy’s where we really had a focus on giving back with different events and more specifically with brunches, even though it didn’t have to be,” Pulido said. “We wanted to do it one to two times a month and just really have a concerted effort to look at what need is out there. It seems like in these times there’s just causes and needs to rally around and get together and celebrate or support. I got on the horn with Joey and just found out a little bit more and just pitched this idea for Jupiter to be one of the beneficiaries of an event and how that would look.”

Hawkins said that he did not have concrete dates as to when Jupiter would be up and running again, as several structural and financial issues are still being settled.

“The tenants’ side and the insurance is ready to go, but then there’s the landlord and their insurance company and then just [figuring out what] they can save from the building,” Hawkins said. “The brick wall, it’s been found that it’s structurally sound but they might have to put in some supports. The ceiling and the floor have to come out. There were some levels of asbestos that were found that were lying dormant. I wish I had more definite dates, but we’re getting closer. It’s hard. The struggle with all of this is just the not knowing day-to-day.”

Hawkins is grateful for the community support, especially since time has passed from the Dec. 26 fire.

“When Eric did call my wife and I, it was really nice to hear that people still knew that we were struggling,” Hawkins said. “There’s a crew that don’t have jobs and insurance is difficult. It’s not horrible but it is exhausting, so it was really cool. We miss everybody so much. You don’t realize, of course it’s such a cliché, you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone.”

Pulido stated that the event will be all ages, and said that while details are still being worked out, a portion of proceeds from t-shirts sold that day will also benefit Jupiter House.

“We’ll probably do a little donation thing also if folks want to give more,” Pulido said. “We already give a portion of [t-shirt sales] to Friends with Benefits but for that day we’ll kick some of that also to Jupiter House, and we want people to come and support that.”

Many in Denton seem not only eager for the re-opening of one of the square’s hotspots, but also to participate in charitable events that incorporate art and a genuine desire to build up—or re-build—the community.

“Jupiter House has been a haunt of mine for many years, and anything I can do to help out those employees, I will,” Pierce said. “This is just another example of people coming together in this town, doing good for friends and neighbors, and I’m honored to be a part of it.”