A Night Under the Stars

The UNT Astronomy Department hosts Star Talks every First Saturday of the month, and this upcoming Saturday the experience will shine even brighter through the collaborative efforts of 7Feathers and Explorium Denton.


A Night Under the Stars is an event for the whole family, with Star Talks, space inspired activities, live music organized by 7Feathers, warm drinks, food, and a whole night sky to lay back on your blanket and take in. This event began with Explorium Denton and their partnership with UNT Astronomy Department to help raise funds for their goal of opening a Denton Children’s Museum, and Explorium took their regular evening of Star Talks and gave it a more interactive aspect by adding children's activities, raffles, refreshments in addition to the variety of telescopes that they have for your to gaze through.

This is 7Feathers second time to be involved in the event, but the first time to be there from start to finish as a sponsor, with additional care added to the details and the choice of live musicians to ensure a magical experience. Michelle Keifer with 7Feathers says,”this is a chance for us to bring music out into a less traditional venue. We hope that we add value to the community surrounding Explorium Denton, as well as introduce ourselves to more Denton families.”

"Gates will open at 6pm," Keifer says, "and we will kick off music with  local Dreamy Folk band Bereah. People hang out, participate in the booths and activities that Explorium Denton have set up, check out the classrooms and exhibits, have pizza and enjoy the music."

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer the event just gets better as stars light up the night sky, “Once it gets dark, a UNT staff uses a really cool laser to point into the sky and gives a Star Talk. There is time for Q&A which is cool, they look at constellations, planets, noteworthy stars. Music will continue into the evening and people can enjoy looking into all of the different telescopes and exploring the sky,” Keifer says. Bereah will be opening the evening festivities, followed by Meredith Wilson and Matt Grigsby.  

For Explorium Denton, this event means they are a step closer to their dream, with all funds being raised going towards their non-profit organization. Currently a museum on wheels they are excited about being a step closer to having their own brick and mortar home base,” Opening the doors to a physical location is what keeps us excited and momentum going, because for the last 4 years everything we have done has been on-location,” says Anyah Martinez, Executive Director and original founder of Explorium Denton.

The event is held at the UNT Space Observatory at 2350 Tom Cole Road in Denton. Pre-sale tickets are just $4 and available to claim at the Sign It and Drive It Denton location from 8:30am to 6pm on Saturday or through the 7Feathers Organization. Tickets prices increase to $5 at the door.

Header image design by Jason Lee