Write It! Arts Workshop Preview

Creative storytelling is a valuable skill that isn’t only reserved for scriptwriters and poets. Businessmen, journalists, and other artists need to communicate their messages to move ahead in their professional and social life. Fifteen high school students will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills at the Write It! workshop hosted by the Artists Enclave of Denton County and Greater Denton Arts Council on September 10th. 

"We hope that all those things that happen in life can be enhanced by developing your writing skills and confidence in the uniqueness and value of your voice,” says Susan Davis, the event organizer. Participants can expect project-based learning from an impressive list of workshop leaders that can offer valuable insight into business communications, screenwriting, journalism, and poetry.

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The $35 registration fee will cover writing supplies that will be provided as well as lunch and dessert treats (right on!) to keep the students going throughout the day. Prospective students should know that the workshop could include intense discussion of some controversial issues such as bullying and violence.

The idea for this workshop came up last September when Davis met Swedish filmmaker Ronnie Brolin, a frequent recipient of government grants that allow him to produce films that are relevant to young people. Davis showed a trailer for Brolin’s film to the UNT Short Film Club and there was strong interest in bringing him to Denton share his wisdom on the creative process.

Brolin isn’t able to attend and won't be a part of this workshop, but screenwriter TK Henderson signed on to help set up the session. Business communication specialist Linda Anderson is also a key part of the event organizing. Their hopes are to mentor these students to help them grow into their talents.

Sitting down in front of a blank page can feel as daunting as making a public speech in front of a crowd. In other cases, a writer can want to completely change a completed piece they have written.  Few feelings can measure to completing a story that one can be proud of.

The workshop is open to the first 15 applicants with a $35 registration fee. The workshop takes place on Saturday, September 10th, but the deadline to register is this Friday, September 2nd. Students can sign up at dentonarts.com/studentprograms