Tuesday Art List - January 31, 2017

Welcome to the Tuesday Art List featuring recently completed works from Denton's practicing artists. Tony Casillas recently gathered his pals for a fun Wes Anderson themed photo shoot. Cynthia Giron is close to receiving a Master of Fine Arts degree from UNT, and she gifts us with her abstract, colorful paintings that are indicative of functioning dynamics in our society. And Evan Josef Beck is a sculpture major at UNT looking to make his mark with large public works and unique installations.

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Tony Casillas

Wes Anderson themed photo shoot
Modeled by: Peyton Fowler, Adriana Huff, Kirstin Dawn Norswirthy, Christine Williams, Andrew Valentine, Taylor Edain Jackson
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Cynthia Giron

Multi-media paintings by Cynthia Giron

Evan Josef Beck

Sculpture and installations by Evan Josef Beck

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