Tuesday Art List - January 17th, 2017

Welcome back to the Tuesday Art List! Today's list begins with a double-exposure self portrait taken on 4x5 film by David Simpson. It evokes a mysterious coolness usually reserved for weary travelers. If you're going to Band Together Denton, you might see a new band called The American Heartthrob. That band's singer/guitarist, Alex Cameron, also creatively expresses himself through paintings in his spare time. Our list ends with Breyanna Uzamaki's illustrative ode to beards with a touch of henna

If you'd like to show off a new piece of art for the Tuesday Art List, please email mateo@thedentonite.com.

Lightbox snap by David Simpson
Double-exposure on 4x5 sheet

Acrylic paintings on canvas by Alex Cameron

Illustration by Breyanna Uzamaki


Header image by Brittany Keeton