Tuesday Art List - February 7, 2017

Welcome to the first Tuesday Art List of February. This weekly series features a few unique items that are freshly available for purchase. Photographer Evan Sheldon has designed a limited run of Boxcat skateboards with a palette of bright colors. Katie Reese has added prints that are made to order to Alex Revier's online shop of bizarre imagery. Finally, we've included a few concert photos from the talented Erin Shea Devany. Coincidentally, one of her pictures is of Katie Reese performing with Thin Skin.

If you'd like to be featured in or curate an installment of the Tuesday Art List, please email mateo@thedentonite.com

Evan Sheldon

$50 apiece with a free sheet of clear grip tape
Each Boxcat skateboard is hand-painted and exposed by the sun
acrylic paint, cyanotype on 100% Canadian maple
size: 8.0″ medium concave
colorways: Zis’, Lakers, Watermelon, Pokéball

Email Evan Sheldon to purchase

Alex Revier and Katie Reese

First two prints by Alex Revier
Last two prints by Katie Reese
All are available to purchase at $10 apiece on Revier's online shop.

Erin Shea Devany

 Header image design by Brittany Keeton