Jason Lee Teamed Up With Texas-Based Refueled Magazine

Refueled Magazines publisher Chris Brown has expanded his interest in the town of Denton by selecting another artist, Jason Lee, from the area for the latest issue of Refueled's the ONE SERIES. Brown & Lee have been working together for the past several months to bring you a photo book of Lee’s instant film work.

A little more than a year ago, actor and photographer Jason Lee became a part-time Denton resident. Since then he has had his hand in a couple of things around town including helping design the interior of Barley & Board, serving on the board of directors at the Greater Denton Arts Council, and creating the PAAC Summer Cinema Series, among other things. 

Earlier this year, Texas-based Refueled Magazine published a ONE SERIES book about Kate & Julian Pastrana, a couple based in Denton who create hand crafted furniture under the moniker Pastrana Studio. (http://www.refueledmagazine.com/back-issues.html)

Lee partnered with Brown to publish a special edition book of his instant film photos from the past 10 years. The book will be limited to 500 copies and will be hardbound and printed in the United States. Lee will be signing and numbering each edition, as well.

“I feel Jason’s captured perspective of America through instant film fits perfectly with the vibe of Refueled,” Brown says. “His ability to photograph scenes of a fading America with a fading technology has the power to slow the viewer down and reflect on what once was and what can still be.”

You can catch a handful of Lee’s film selections on his instagram account, as well as at @filmphotographic, an Instagram film community sharing platform that Lee started in 2014. 

Pre-order the Refueled ONE SERIES Jason Lee Vol. I: Instant Film online now!

Photos by Jason Lee
Header image by Chris Brown