Music We Love: "Silver Linings (The Quintessential Banger)" by Nakamara

From Denton favorite Nakamara comes the band’s latest project: a video accompaniment to their hit song “Silver Linings (The Quintessential Banger)”. And — especially for those already familiar with Nakamara — the video is everything a young Dentonite could hope for: a fun, lighthearted, sometimes absurd homage to our town's specific brand of college night life.

The “quintessential banger” in question is taken off Nakamara’s self-titled album, which won Best Debut Album at the 2017 Denton Arts and Music Awards. 

As its name implies, the song is structured as a classic party anthem. However, the track is anything but generic. As always, Nakamara’s jazzy sound and syncopated rhythms give rise to a piece that is at once upbeat and nostalgic, like the intro of your favorite TV show.

Fittingly, the production crew vied to film the entire music video exclusively using analog tape, lending the work a classic “home movie” feel. 

Regardless, there is nothing synthetic about the sense of intimacy present in the video: the majority of the film was taken during an actual Nakamara set, with the audience comprising the band's fans and friends. In the words of vocalist Samuel Decker, “The concept was to capture a slice of life in Denton with the house show scene… [So we] invited our fans to be a part of the experience.”

Whether seen live or experienced vicariously through video, Nakamara is a jazz-inspired romp of an act that is increasingly emblematic of the Denton music scene we know and love.