Exploring the Connection between Indigenous Groups of Mexico and Nature: Mi Tierra

The soul of Maria F. Razo's artwork can be traced to Hispanic countries she dwelled in during her formative years. Razo was born in Mexico and raised in the jungles of Costa Rica and Guatemala before moving to suburban Florida. Now that she is set to graduate with a BFA in studio, Brick Haus Collective will host her solo exhibition, Mi Tierra, from December 5th through December 13th.

The gallery will be selections from her past year-and-a-half of work and reflective of her lifelong attraction to nature and animals. Razo has had the privilege of many travels, and the value of seeing beautiful landscapes that have come together naturally has not been lost on her. "As it often happens, it's when you are far from home when you appreciate it the most. After I moved to the US for college, I began to really take notice of all that rich culture and magic Mexico has to offer," Razo says.

One particular location that has inspired her work is Real de Catorce in San Luis Potosi. There she encountered the Huichoi, a people who maintain a harmonious relationship with nature and respect the Earth. 

Razo's favorite piece in the show is one that deviates from her usual style. "Feliz Libertad" was made after her grandmother's passing as a memorable keepsake for Razo's parents. The memory of her grandmother's hands resonated with Razo, and that's the captured image in that personal piece.

"I feel like during this last year I have started to discover what I respond to the most as an artist stylistically and conceptually," says Razo. Printmaking became the focus of her studies despite not knowing about that medium before arriving at UNT.  She began school by taking chances and trying on different artist hats. Razo credits the support of her fellow students and teachers for helping her grow as an artist who thinks about the "why" of her work.

Mi Tierra will have a closing reception at Brick Haus Collective (215 S. Woodrow Ln) on the 10th from 6 to 9pm. There will be vegan-friendly refreshments and drinks with the following vendors: Chamacas en Chamarras, Everything Living, Sara Westrup, and Grady McConnell. Razo will also be selling her own prints and shirts. If you can't make the reception, Brick Haus is open Monday through Friday by appointment. Email brickhaustx@gmail.com 48 hours in advance to set up a viewing. If you'd like to form a group to experience the gallery with the artist, then email mariafrazo18922gmail.com to coordinate with her personally.

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