Art Show Preview: Knick Knack at Voertman's

The inspiration for the title of the current exhibit at Voertman's came from curator Betsey Gravatt noticing that some of the selected artists had small sentimental items lying around their workspaces. Be it in an office space, living room, or artist studio, people all have their knick-knacks they keep around whether they have a deep meaning or not. And it's the little things people hold dear that end up influencing a person's lifestyle.

The Knick Knack exhibition is a collection of seven artists whose work supports each other by being different in both method and concept. They're also all at different stages of their career. Some are currently in college while others are working as post-grads using whatever space they can use (such as a bedroom). 

Gravatt says, "Things like inluences, references, and processes aren't ever shown in galleries, and I thought it would be interesting to bring such intimate and private things into a very public space. Hopefully the inclusion of these things will give viewers insight into each artist's concept as well." 

Gravatt has organized several pop-up shows as an undergrad, but this is her first time curating a themed group exhibition. Curating is as rewarding as creating art, but she feels it's important to keep the two avenues separate. As a curator, she elects not to include any of her own work. Gravatt is currently in her first year of grad school at TWU while pursuing a future in art education.

The works have been in place since March 6th, but the opening reception is Wednesday night at Voertman's from 6 to 8 p.m. The art work will hang in Voertman's Gallery until April 7th. Both the exhibit and reception are free to the public.

Featuring work by:
Adam Palmer
Amy Fillipp
Ashlyn Lee
Augustine Cordero
Colton Rob
Hannah Taylor
Josh Reyes

Header image designed by Brittany Keeton