Howl About That Podcast

Do you like talking about films? Moreover, do you like listening to passionate film lovers talk about the films they admire? A trio of UNT Media Arts students — Xander McCabe, Riley Cusick, and Spencer Campbell — have devoted themselves to a weekly film podcast called Howl About That. Each week features a special guest, but they aren’t only limited to filmmakers. The guest could be a comedian or a musician. It wouldn’t be surprising for them to make friends with a Coney Island server with a huge love for The Fast and the Furious, and then invite them to a show to discuss their favorite film.

The three hosts are not only film students, they are all roommates. As film students, they’re aware of the benefit of talking about films. An aspiring filmmaker should never exist in a shell. Continually analyzing movies helps a storyteller develop skills for clearly communicating their stories. 

McCabe says, “Film is shaped by culture, and film shapes culture. By studying and talking about movies we don't just learn about what it means to be filmmakers. We also learn about our culture.” 

The show has been running since mid-September of this year, and the film to be discussed is always chosen by the guest. Each episode begins with an ominous theme song inspired by 50’s horror movie trailers. 

The show is accessible to more than just film students. The trio takes a casual approach to their discussions and takes the time to joke around. The hosts are confident with their voices and move through their shows efficiently. You wouldn’t guess at first that these guys are only college students.

They take inspiration from The Twilight Zone Zone podcast hosted by Ron Lechler and Jeremy Schmidt. McCabe credits Lechler for helping them launch by coordinating guests to appear on the show. 

They also seek out participation from their listeners. If you’re itching to share your own views on the films they discuss, then you should like their Facebook page and comment after listening to each episode. 

The Dentonite is proud to present their newest episode, in which the Austin-based filmmaker and photographer Jonny Stranger joined Howl About That to discuss VR horror writing and The Shining. You’ll find that McCabe, Cusick, and Campbell absolutely love to discuss horror films. It’s a genre with harsh tropes that force filmmakers to find creative ways of keeping their stories interesting. Check it out and subscribe to stay up to date every Friday.


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