Gallery Report - December 2nd, 2016

Hallelujah! It's finally staying cold in North Texas. It's not Minnesota weather, but it's finally time to break out the scarves, caps, and sweaters. How can you mind the weather if you have those things? Anyway, the end of the semester brings along several senior shows as UNT's art students prepare to launch the next chapter of their lives. There's a lot of good stuff to check out around town.

Art Glass Ensembles
513 Bolivar St.
Currently featured here is the work of owner Christie Wood, who has assembled a variety of wood-framed stained glass panels.  

The Bearded Monk
122 E. McKinney St.
Six eye-popping pieces by Sanford Black currently dominate this craft beer haven's art wall. 

Brick Haus Art Collective
215 S. Woodrow Ln
Mi Tierra opens Monday December, 5th, and solely features the works of printmaker Maria F. Razo. Her pieces explore the connection between indigenous groups of Mexico and nature. 

The Chestnut Tree
107 W. Hickory Street
These walls currently feature the watercolor paintings of local artist Jo Williams. Grab a bite to eat and enjoy the view of the award-winning Williams's work spanning the past decade.

Patterson-Appleton Arts Center
400 E. Hickory St.
The vibrant works of Yun Jung "YunI" Lee are currently on display in the Gough Gallery. Lee was born in South Korea before arriving in America, where she earned a BA in Art and Performance from UTD and an MFA in Painting and Drawing at UNT. Colors, patterns, and the overlapping spaces between different cultures are the focus of her work. Check out her portfolio at This exhibit will be open until December 16th.

Comic books may be for popular consumption, but that absolutely doesn't discredit their value as artwork. Greater Denton Arts Council presents an interactive exhibition that proudly celebrates independent artists and graphic novelists. There will also be work from the greats such as Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. A $5 special exhibition admission (Free for GDAC members and current students) will allow viewers to get a behind-the-scenes look at how comic superheroes are created.

Zines are vital in a DIY culture. Works of Randy Guthmiller presents the works of an artist and educator who founded the Dallas Zine Party and Shape Zines. The former is an annual celebration of zines, and the latter is a publishing house dedicated to micro-publications. The works are featured in the Festival Hall with no charge for admission until December 8th.

Mulberry Street Cantina
110 W Mulberry St.
Daniel Christopher McCullaugh's surreal portraits on the wall at Mulberry Cantina are reminiscent of what it's like to stare at your own reflection in a crystal clear lake before dropping a pebble into the water. 

tAd Gallery
901 Ave. C, Ste 101
tAd continutes their Outskirts: Bodies, Places, & Identities series with the updated exhibition, "is this (not) a woman." The new exhibition features the works of four artists: Mētra Saberova, Tae Kyung Seo, Ana Treviño, and Deirdre Vertucci. Each artist presents a diverse set of mediums that are wonderfully complex and not shy about confronting tensions underlying societal norms. Outskirts is a series that explores politics and women's issues as told by artists from diverse backgrounds.

Taps & Caps
505 W. Hickory Street
This is one of the newest homes to artists and musicians. Currently featured is a set of photos printed on wood that sell as low as $20 a piece. Stop to consider a piece of art the next time you get a growler filled here.

UNT on the Square
109 Elm St.
A UNT faculty and staff exhibition is currently on display in both UNT on the Square and the UNT art gallery. Stop in sometime to see the latest work by college art educators.

West Oak Coffee Bar
114 West Oak. ST
The back wall currently features Zach Weber, an environmental scientist who discovered a passion for photography. Weber is self-taught, but has been shooting for the past 4 years. Check out his natural light lifestyle photography the next time you get a cup of joe at West Oak.

On the main wall you'll find acrylic paintings by David Wilson, who has been a pastor for more than 20 years. Wilson paints to relax and gain perspective on the life surrounding him. His current work is Inspired by Dutch theologian Cornelius Van Til's take on worldview that was coined "The Creator/Creature distinction".


Header image design by Brittany Keeton