Gallery Report - October 7, 2016

Do ou remember the movie Ghostbusters? There was this really cool song with this really cool lyric that said, "I ain't afraid of no ghost." This magnificent singer didn't promise to shoot a ghost with all his ammo. This is how we should feel about clowns, no matter how annoying they are. Anyway, art is beautiful. Take your lover out and see some of these cool things on display. 

Art Glass Ensembles
513 Bolivar St.
Currently featured here is the work of owner Christie Wood, who has assembled a variety of wood-framed stained glass panels. If buying finished stained glass pieces at a discount interests you, then save the date for October 15th. Wood is hosting only the 2nd one-day sale she's had in 21 years in order to clear out some inventory.

The Bearded Monk
122 E. McKinney St.
If you've met Eric Mancini you're never going to fail. His graffiti-inspired still hangs the walls at a price that Dallasites can only hope to pay for premium quality art. 

Brick Haus Art Collective
215 S. Woodrow Ln
Out of 200 submissions, only 25 pieces were picked for the Sonar Scan exhibit which continues to be shown inside this venue.

In collaboration with the Greater Denton Arts Council, Brick Haus is currently displaying piñata-like billboards created by Giovanni Valderas. These creations resemble real estate signs perhaps as a statement on gentrification taking over poor neighborhoods. Conspicous Craft will be on display until December 4th.

Patterson-Appleton Arts Center
400 E. Hickory St.
Comic books may be for popular consumption but that absolutely doesn't discredit their value as artwork. Greater Denton Arts Council presents an interactive exhibition that proudly celebrates independent artists and graphic novelists. There will also be work from the greats such as Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. A $5 special exhibition admission (Free for GDAC members and current students) will allow viewers to get a behind-the-scenes look at how comic superheroes are created.

Zines are vital in a DIY culture. Works of Randy Guthmiller presents the works of an artist and educator who founded Dallas Zine Party and Shape Zines. The former is an annual celebration of zines and the latter is a publishing house dedicated to micro-publications. The works are featured in the Festival Hall with no charge for admission until December 8, 2016

Mulberry Street Cantina
110 W Mulberry St.
There is a new piece from Light and Orbock Art depicting Rougned Odor punching Jose Bautista. There isn't a better sales pitch than that. Swing by and check out this striking piece of imagery.

Murchison Performing Arts Center
2100 Interstate 35 Frontage Road, Denton, TX 76266
Here lies the other half of Giovanni Valderas' work in Conspicuous Craft. The Murchison his hosting Valderas' paintings that reflect on his Latino heritage. With it being the middle of Hispanic Heritage Month, this is a great opportunity to check out work reflecting on the social struggle of upholding Hispanic culture.

tAd Gallery
901 Ave. C, Ste 101
tAd is a not-for-profit artist-run space that is open Monday - Saturday, 11 am - 9 pm, located inside the Bowllery. Current exhibitions includes Traces of the Others as part of theirOutskirts: Bodies, Places, & Identities series, a project that explores politics and women's issues as told by artists from diverse backgrounds.

Taps & Caps
505 W. Hickory Street
This is one of the newest homes to artists and musicians. Currently featured is a set of photos printed on wood that sell as low as $20. Stop to consider a piece of art the next time you get a growler filled here.

UNT Art Gallery
Art Building
1201 W Mulberry St
What can art be without the process of being inspired? Recalling is an exhibition that contemplates the nature of inspiration. Featured works include: photography and artist books by Frank Hamrick, paintings by Faith Jessup, and sculptures and brooches by Chris Ramsay. The exhibition is available for viewing all day from August 30th through October 22nd. A reception with the artists in attendance will occur on September 15th from 5-7pm.

UNT Cora Stafford Gallery
1120 W Oak St
Parallax represents quality students of the UNT photography program and they're presenting a fine show called Distance. Check out some amazing photography before the show ends on October 23rd.

UNT on the Square
109 N. Elm St.
Short Notice opens Saturday, September 10th at 11am to present the newest works of drawing and painting MFA students from UNT. The exhibit will be available for viewing until October 22nd. 

UNT Union Gallery
1155 Union Cir # 239
The Mayborn School of Journalism presents A Century of Excellence. The exhibit looks towards the past in a timeline celebrating 100 years of student media. The gallery features a comprehensive amount of photos going back to the early days of the journalism department.

Header image by Jason Lee