Fundamental Mini-Documentary Debut

On both sides of the camera, the Fundamental mini-documentary is about good friends collaborating together. Director Rudy Cervantez and Fundamental composer Lane Garner have known each other for the past decade, and there was a time where one could have expected Cervantez to be a music artist rather than a filmmaker.

Cervantez grew up in a family of musicians but turned down a music scholarship. While taking the time to figure out what he really wanted to do, his friends such as Lane Garner and Mike Luzecky were mastering their craft as music students at the University of North Texas. What filming this documentary has done for Cervantez is help bring back his love for music.

The decision to begin a mini-doc featuring local musicians was made after Cervantez saw a friend of his performing in the Luzecky Trio at Paschall Bar. Cervantez discovered Fundamental was performing a show at Greenhouse and he jumped at the chance to film in a setting where he believes there is an elevated appreciation for quality musicianship.

As it goes, Cervantez ended up pursuing a series of mini-documentaries after completing filming of Fundamental’s set. His next two episodes will feature TOMKAT and Sky Window. When it comes to the interview portion of his project, Cervantez will really dig to find what makes his subjects click.

When Cervantez asks a musician what influences their work, he doesn’t want them to answer with anything related to music. He believes the music that inspires artists is a fraction of what makes them whole. It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear a student filmmaker say he really admires the productions of Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese. An artist’s mind is influenced by a shitload of things spinning in their social circle while maintaining the discipline for self-motivation.

Cervantez is typically a narrative filmmaker who welcomed the improvisational aspects of documentary shooting. Making a typical short film requires setting up a solidly structured process and not slacking on preparation. With this fresh series it’s purely about the passion for music. The documentary includes a full song recorded with the assistance of Niki Pence and Zach Szakin. 

Fundamental’s three previous albums have been live recordings, but Garner plans to have the next one done in a studio. Collaboration will continue to be the name of the game as he looks to bring in a variety of participants. Be sure to check out their bandcamp for free music.

We’re proud to present Cervantez ’s documentary on Fundamental. There are so many facets to Denton which makes it important to have documentation on what’s going on in this town.