Fries on Fry - Caskey's Food Review

The dining options on Fry Street have added a lot of new additions over the past few years, replacing some of our beloved favorites on the corner of Hickory and Fry. We wrote about the ownership change that happened at 1206 West Hickory Street and held our hopes high that the care, quality, and years of experience going into the spaces’ latest concept, Caskey’s Bar & Grill, would be everything we want. Consider it delivered, Dentonites.

Previously occupied by Hickory & Fry, the area felt cluttered and fell into what felt like an identity crisis when ownership of the businesses changed in late 2015. At the end of the day, it just didn’t seem to create the kind of environment that you could relax in. The owners behind Caskey’s have had experience in the Denton hospitality scene, especially on Fry Street, and therefore a solid grasp on how to execute a concept. The side booth that felt like it took up half the small space has since been torn out and replaced with the right amount of tables and chairs, the cave-like effect created by the grey walls are now brighter and give the space a more open and bright feel, and all the bachelor pad furniture that used to be strewn about no longer takes up unnecessary space. The extension of the bar top means you aren’t jockeying for a seat at the beautiful copper bar top, and the garage doors allow the whole place to feel spacious and inviting.  

Come hungry friends, because the menu boasts “delicious classic meals... on fries” and the options are nearly endless. Thank goodness for half sizes, because you won't want to commit to one dish. You can order several different plates to share and rely on them to use quality ingredients.

This time of year there is nothing better than comfort food and Mama Gayla’s Famous Chicken Fried Steak did not disappoint. There are several different fry options, so we mixed it up and did a different one with each plate. The steak came on a bed of julienne fries, smothered in white gravy. The 100% certified angus beef took cube steak to a different level, the flavor was amazing, and the batter was crispy and added the perfect element of texture. The white gravy that is mixed in had garlic notes that made the dish savory, and you’ll find yourself sopping up every last drop with perfectly seasoned fries.

The "We 'Own' Philly Cheese Steak" brings all the flavors of a philly on top of your choice of fries, and we went with the sidewinders. The spiralized potatoes were crispy and well seasoned, adding additional layers of flavor to the tender beef, caramelized onions, and peppers. The crunch that the peppers brought to the plate was an unexpected brightness to a heavier dish. Caskey’s doesn’t just pile everything on top of the fries either, ingredients are layered throughout the plate so every bite brings a forkful of flavor. The 50/50 mix of canola and sunflower oil also adds an addition to the profile of the plate, exemplifying the extra time they take to prepare quality food. 

They have dessert fries that will blow your taste buds. The Caskey’s Sweet Tooth is a pile of sweet potato waffle fries that are tossed in waffle batter, topped with caramel, marshmallow cream, chocolate and vanilla sauces. The plate is simply heavenly and the perfectly sized portion to share. All the flavors come together to create something reminiscent of the fluffiest french toast with just the right amount of syrup, despite the fact none of these things are included in the recipe. Whatever you do, save room for dessert!

Bonus: you can add an egg or chili to any dish for a buck or even swap out for a healthier option and get their carrot and parsnip fries.

Caskey’s is located at 1206 West Hickory, across the street from Lucky Lou’s, and are open daily from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Photos by Brian Doore

Tiffany Johnson