Art & Om: Triangle to Reverse Triangle

Art & Om is our weekly collaborative project with Karma Yoga Denton. We will explore Denton's art scene and also give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to master new yoga poses. We want to encourage you to get out and support the local arts, with a little flexibility. 

Position: Triangle - Reverse Triangle
Mural: Collaborative community mural on the Bearded Monk building

Triangle is a great pose to work on opening the hips, the chest, and it gives those legs a nice little workout too!

To transition into Triangle from Warrior 2, you’ll shift the hips toward the back of the mat and lengthen out the front leg. Make sure to keep a micro-bend in the knee if you are prone to hyper extending. This micro bend will also help work the muscles in the front leg and create a strong supportive base. Reach the fingertips forward, while still lifting up from heart center so you still stay present and mindful in the upper body.

Begin to allow the front fingertips to fall to the shin, the mat inside the front foot, or to a block. We will extend the back hand up to the sky, stacking the shoulders, and rotating the chest up as we lift front the sternum. The body naturally comes into what we call “twerking position” with the booty sticking out towards the long edge side of the mat. Pull the hips forward and the tailbone tucked under so that you are keeping the body in a single plane. Remember to keep those heels drawing in towards each other to work out those legs and keep the body steady.

To reverse our triangle, we will keep the lower body the exact same as egular triangle. The feet are in a Warrior 2 position, but the front leg stays extended, and we cartwheel the bottom hand to the sky and the lifted hand rests on the back leg. The chest will also square off slightly, and you can notice a nice stretch in the psoas area all the way up to those lifted fingertips. Remember to keep lifting up from heart center so that we don’t dump back into the hips, and the weight stays evenly dispersed between the heels.