Denton Threads: A Monthly Look at Denton Fashion

We all know Denton as a place that is bustling with culture and individuality, and fashion is a huge part of that. There’s such a variety of style that can be seen on any given day here in Denton, which I think makes people feel even more comfortable with embracing their quirks. What we wear can reflect our personalities and interests; our clothes tell a story. People on the square had their own stories to tell through their outfits on Monday evening.

Chantil, UNT student

“I feel like not a lot of people look like me, and I like that.”

Her go-to piece? Denim. 

“My jean jacket is just something that I keep on a lot of the time. I feel like denim is really cool, especially in jacket form,” she said.

She describes her personal style as “things that you can find in the boys’ section of a Goodwill.” 






“My style I guess can be kind of grungy and dark but could also be hippy, too. It depends on what mood I’m in.”

As far as planning an outfit, she leaves it up to chance.

“I throw on whatever. I have my pile of clothes on my floor that I should probably put in my closet, but I never do.”

Taylor uses fashion as an outward outward display of her mood that day.

“Sometimes I feel like I wanna be noticed and have people come up to me and say hi, so I dress a little more boldly. Sometimes I just kinda wanna stay in the background. It depends on the day.”

Daniel Gould

Daniel’s clothing preferences can be described in two words: “band merch.”

“I like music a lot,” Gould said. So much, that he promotes bands in his spare time.

Quieraney Belvin

Quieraney loves to start with basics and build her outfit from there.

“Honestly my personal style is just black with any other color,” Belvin said.


Both Cory’s outfit and demeanor are very calm and laidback.

He says his style is “in the process of something else.”

Ally York

“I like to express myself through my clothes,” York said.

For Ally, keeping it simple is the key.

“I wear a lot of neutral colors, I guess. And the same things probably like twice a week.”


Tanner’s style has evolved in recent years.

“I used to dress a lot differently. I used to be a lot less concerned with my look.”

Now, he calls his style “a mixture of maybe hipster and just not caring.”

He’s taken control of the way he dresses and put his own spin on what he used to do.

“ Basically I was always taught to be presentable, but I like to do it in my own way.”


“I never want to grow up, I guess. I wanna have the adult side but I'm not gonna let go of my child side.”

A self-proclaimed child at heart, Sarah embraces her youth through her clothes.

“Very anime, Sailor Moon inspired. Like 80s cartoons and Disney cartoons and anything that’s like childhood favorites.

I’m a child at heart, so that comes out a lot,” she said.

Photos by Adrianna Belvin
Header image design by Brittany Keeton

Nikki Bolden (writer) and Adrianna Belvin (photographer) are both seniors at Billy Ryan High School in Denton, TX. Among many other things, Bolden & Belvin are interested in journalism, photography, and fashion. The Dentonite will be featuring "Denton Threads" as a monthly column, so check back for more Denton street fashion.