Denton Movie Tavern Gets Fresh New Look


Catching a flick at Denton Movie Tavern has been upgraded to a more luxurious experience, featuring additional amenities, a brand spanking new sound system, and spacious bar with glossy LCD TV’s so you catch the game highlights while you wait for your movie.

Long gone is the aged feeling of the movie going space, and the renovations produced what could essentially be called a completely brand new movie theatre.

The VIP reception and ribbon cutting ceremony held earlier in March were crowded, but MT made sure they were adequately staffed to ensure a smooth and organized soft opening. Tables were promptly bussed, drinks quickly served, and food came out at lightning speed, with only the lines at the bar to fuss with. As you walked down the wide open halls to your theatre, a line of staff stood outside the kitchen area and were totally down for a high five as I strolled past. The staff was ready for show time, and for them this opening night was when the curtains would be pulled back and the Denton community could take in all the hard work and thoughtfulness that went into the conception of the remodel.

While sitting down with Danny DiGiacomo, the Vice President of Marketing for Movie Tavern, you could feel the excitement radiate off of him. A UNT graduate with a degree in Advertising and Marketing, he expressed his excitement about being just another growing piece of a thriving community. “Denton is a special place, with an artist community, a local vibes, and a reason we added on the extensions to the movie theatre because we were so well received,” says DiGiacomo.

“Denton was crucial as one of Movie Taverns first locations, it’s been here since ‘05 and was such a great concept for Denton when din-in theatres were relatively new at that time,” says DiGiacomo. With Alamo Drafthouse coming to town, they will have their work cut out for them, Denton Movie Tavern has roots in this city and are set to continue and flourish.

“The reason we did this was for demand, we have expanded not only in screen count, now we have 9, but also upgraded the entire experience. Luxury amenities, additional seats, we made lots of improvements behind the scene as well. This is essentially a brand new theatre from top to bottom, brand new theatres, a brand new lobby, and a beautiful new bar.”

And it’s not just DiGiacomo that’s pumped for the relaunch of their brand, but the management team as well. “I’ve had a lot of experience as a projectionist, and their is better sound, screens, and seating, plus we went from 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound, the bass got upgraded so you can feel it all around in the theatre. And the screens are a quarter bigger than before,” explains Manager Christopher Carter. “New sound racks, new amps, new speakers, everything is new upstairs and in the theatres. We doubled our seating, and we can have a much better movie selection with 9 to 15 movies when they start sharing screens,” Carter continues about the new renovations.

There is a lot to be excited about with the new Denton Movie Tavern, it has been a staple of the community since 2005, and the new upgrades are sure to be a crowd pleaser. You can scoop up your tickets at their website and claim your comfy recliner at your leisure!

  Photos provided by Movie Tavern

 Header image design by Christopher Rodgers