Denton Camera Exchange's Mobile Arm to Make its Debut During 35 Denton

Denton Camera Exchange will be rolling around 35 Denton this weekend in their new mobile instant film studio. Armand Kohandani, the owner of Denton Camera Exchange, renovated Mi Casita’s old Burrito Barron food truck into an 8x10 mobile studio.

He’s not stopping there, though. Kohandani plans on using this Mobile Arm to do more than roll around and offer portraits to instant film lovers - he plans on taking it up a notch and rolling out a mobile art gallery.

Although the concept of a mobile pop-up art gallery is new, Kohandani has some big plans to come for it. The truck was painted by local mural artist, Mick Burson, who also painted the exterior of the Denton Camera Exchange building on Piner St.

Inside the Denton Camera Exchange’s Mobile Arm, one can find a professional photographer (that would be Armand) and some of his unique goodies. Kohandani will have his Cambo 8x10 large format instant camera on deck as well as his Polaroid 600SE that will be shooting the recently announced discontinued peel apart Fujifilm.

You can have your portrait made on the Cambo 8x10 large format camera for $50 (which is a steal, if you’re familiar with the equipment involved); other 4x5 shots will be $5. “I’m not doing any of that digital stuff,” Kohandani joked. Although, he is totally not joking at all.

If shooting your own photos is more your speed, he’s got you covered there as well. The Mobile Arm will be equipped with instant-film cameras and film. Don’t worry, though, if what you need is not on the truck -- the shop itself will be open regular business hours during the fest as well.

This will be Kohandani’s first year shooting 35 Denton on his own. The past couple of years he’s been involved with the Instant Film Society, who have partnered with the festival to bring the culture of instant film to the streets and venues of Denton. Not to worry, the Instant Film Society will be back at it again this year.

You can book the Denton Camera Exchange’s Mobile Arm for parties, events, or other fun related activities. You can do so by either stopping in the shop to talk to Armand himself, or call the store at 940-206-5112.

Denton, take advantage of the creatively unique things happening around you. We have our very own analog film store in our town! That is rad if you like shooting film or have ever had any interest in film itself. If you haven’t been to the Denton Camera Exchange in a while, you need to go back.