Cinema Bacon Podcast with Ryan Polly

We all have driven in our cars to the sounds of horrible top 40 radio or that one really scratched CD. Just as you begin to hit your head on the steering wheel to the repetition of the act, you remember we live in 2016 and podcasts exist. Podcasts can be an invention of beauty, especially when they deal with the discussion of movies. Movie buffs unite on a local podcast titled Cinema Bacon. The name was created from the question: what does everyone love? The answer was movies and of course bacon. The host Ryan Polly began his podcast for one reason: his love of movies and his love of discussing movies.

Polly first started a website back in his last days of high school as a way to reach out to other cinema nerds. “I found myself over posting on social media [about movies] and had a lot of friends and Twitter followers who told me they would love to read my thoughts on movies,” says Polly. About a year ago he turned these conversations to a podcast format. Guest hosts appear along with him to talk anything and everything film. Polly has had friends and listeners join him, and he hopes to soon have the programmer from Alamo Drafthouse on the show.  No topic is off the table. During certain episodes He will ask his listeners, lovingly nicknamed as Sizzlers, to comment on topics covered so he can bring them into the conversation during the next episode.


When asked about the format of the shows, Polly explains that the episodes provide listeners with a variety of movie nerd discussion, from newly-released movies to the classics. He and his guests chat about what they are watching, and recommendations on what to watch. The show stays relevant to what is happening in movie culture at the time.

This week’s episode covers Netflix’s hit, Stranger Things. He will review the music, performances, and the obvious homage to 80’s classics like Spielberg’s E.T and Carpenter’s The Thing.

Polly knows his film because he works as a filmmaker and won Best Runner-Up for the 48 Hour film project last year. Polly wants to make movies and give filmmakers a platform to discuss the pieces that drove them to their passion for cinema. If Polly's credentials aren’t enough, he can prove his fanhood with the Stranger Things wall that currently resides in his apartment. Polly's wife threw him a Stranger Things-themed birthday party recently and created the wall as a surprise. (Shout-out to the best wife ever!)

Check out his podcast below. Each episode is about an hour and fifteen minutes.