Short Film Premiere: Chelsea Beeson & Jordan Wright's 'Out'

The film industry is a male-dominated art form, but the University of North Texas is home to a few talented female filmmakers determined to find success on their creative journey. Last year Jordan Wright took the directing reigns for a short film script written by Chelsea Beeson called Out, and we get to share that with you today. 

The film is a coming of age story condensed into one day as a transgender teen faces un-acceptance from his social circle and mother. It was backed by the UNT Short Film Club, which approves 3 scripts every semester to become one of their official productions. It recently took home the award for best narrative at the inaugural UNT Media Arts Festival and is now debuting its online release.

This film is a dark reality on what trans people go through on a regular basis. It's a view rarely seen. The unacceptance often leads to the overwhelming suicide rate, especially in teens. A person early in transition is an Atlas with the whole weight of the world on their shoulders. Everything you do and say is on display and analyzed by the people around you. Despite all the danger and heartache it brings, you are just trying to get by.

I can't imagine transitioning in high school. I remember when I started middle school and I was the weird kid who wore boys clothes. I had no friends until I starting trying to fit in and be "normal". In high school it only got worse. I acted out for attention and made some typical stupid teenager decisions. I despised school and hated my peers. I hated living in general. This film brought back a lot of memories of those times. I'm nearly 30 now and have been transitioning for 2 years. It never gets easier. Just when you think you get it, you get kicked in the teeth.

Directed by Jordan Wright
Written by Chelsea Beeson

Director of Photography: Amanda Reyes
Produced by Drew J. Allen
Staring Valarie Gold