Breakfast Delivery is Now an Option in Denton

Foodies of Denton, prepare to become even more spoiled.

From the founders of Seven Mile Café comes Breckies, the delivery-only breakfast and brunch service. Operable since 7am  this morning, Breckies promises gourmet treats to any Dentonite within a 3-mile radius of their base of operations at 311 West Congress Street. 

A glance at the Breckies menu immediately reveals the influence of Seven Mile. In addition to breakfast staples, Breckies offers items like steak and egg burritos, vegan sausage, waffle-bunned burgers, and other experimental café fare. The service also provides a modest selection of drinks, including house brewed coffee, flavored lattes, sodas, and - of course - Topo Chico.

While Breckies customers are currently limited to ordering online, the company will soon release an app for even more convenient dining. It is important to note, however, that the service does not deliver on Mondays or past 2pm. (a time that will sound familiar to those of you who have ever stood broken-hearted and empty-stomached in the Seven Mile parking lot).

Don't worry about where your breakfast is coming from tomorrow morning, just make sure to login online and order it! You can order breakfast online Tuesday - Sunday, 7am - 2pm.