Best Mixed Media Artists of Denton in 2016

When it comes to creating art, these nominees aren't resolute in expressing themselves solely through a single medium. Each one of these artists lives an enchanted lifestyle where they're inspired by colleagues they associate with while creating art by any means necessary.

Cameron Cox

Cameron Cox’s art work dares to tangle with erotica without shame or hesitance. She’ll soon be moving on to new opportunities in New York, but she’s spent the last few years in Denton immersing herself within the community, making key collaborations with Joe Duncan and Conor Wallace. Cox’s work goes well for those who dig Björk’s visual aesthetics.

Kylie McLaughlin

Yes, Kylie McLaughlin is a single person creating films of morbid comedy (For the Love of Pie), specializing in makeup art, painting, modeling, acting, and constructing props. Her nature is a force of sheer talent marked by an eagerness to have a creative impact. 

Matthew Sallack

This accomplished illustrator has embedded himself within Denton with his limited edition plushies and festival concoctions. In the last Oaktopia he combined forced with Katie Montgomery to present a network of drawings sturdy enough to last through that intense downpour that caught festival goers unawares. When the Denton Community Market starts up again, you’ll be able to check out his various forms of work at his booth and share discourse on the amazingness of pizza and tacos.

Gibson Regester

The psychology of human interaction is weaved through Regester’s art work, which can also be said to be an experimentation of responses to color. An honest engagement with her work is to reflect on how your own thoughts influence you. In the words of the hosts of NPR’s Invisibilia: “What are these invisible forces that influence your being?”

Julie McKendrick

Before we get into McKendrick’s interdisciplinary work as an artist, a tip of the hat must be given to her efforts to establish Voertman’s art gallery. She’s also half of the odd synth duo known as Vulgar Fashion. Her most recent installation titled “This is Denton” is documented in the embedded video.

Header image design by Brittany Keeton