Banter: The Documentary

As a lot of Dentonite’s may know, Banter Bistro closed its doors one year ago today. If you’re not familiar with Banter, you missed out on about 15 years worth of a truly unique experience and a one-of-a-kind place in town. As stated on their website (that is still live, by the way), "Banter connects Denton's community of artists and musicians with the folks who love their craft.” Banter referred to themselves as a community hub in the center of Denton, and they weren’t lying.

Banter was more than just a bistro. It was more than a coffee shop. It was a place many people called their second home, and it was an outlet for the youth of Denton. It was the only place where minors were able to perform their music since other venues were bars. The closing of Banter has left a void in local all-age music venues -something the youth of Denton desperately need. Luckily, J&J's offers music on the evenings, but only on some nights.  Think of the opportunities that we could open for our community if we had a venue that regularly welcomed all ages. 

Special thanks to Ashley Reis, and the film crew who worked on this project.