Literary Show Preview: An Afternoon In Unsettled Space

On the afternoon of Saturday, October 22nd, Unsettled Space is presenting a gathering of local authors and artists at the Bearded Monk. Authors from the DFW area will read from their stories that cover various genres such as speculative fiction, fantasy, and horror. The group features local writer, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, who recently had received an honorable mention in a short story contest held by the Texas Observer.

The event is organized by Randall Arnold, an experienced writer who chose Denton despite being based in Keller. "I'm really enthused and inspired by the community of creative people in Denton. It seems like there is a higher concentration of creative types than there is in most of DFW," says Arnold. The Bearded Monk has hosted well-attended poetry readings before that show there is a place for writers to share their work with an audience.

Readers can expect a personal touch to come with author readings. Some may share inspirations and background stories as related to the writing. If time permits, there can be an opportunity to ask questions of each author. Hopefully, valuable feedback can be exchanged as there should be some excerpts from works in progress. Even reactions to completed pieces can help authors shape their next project.

The event will also present a group of local artists including Stacie Tompkins, Matthew Sallack, Sanford Black, Mack Carter, and Francine Grattan. Several authors will also present artwork based on the stories they have written. Artists will be on-hand to mingle with the crowd during intermission periods. Randall Arnold himself is an artist raised in a creative household, and he made 2 t-shirt designs that will be available for live printing by Nice Dudes Servicing Craft.

The event begins at 2pm on Saturday, October 21st with time blocked out until 6pm. Craft beer and short stories go hand-in-hand. Literary events in this town are few when compared to music and art shows.  

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Participating authors:

Anna Davis: "Open Source"
Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
Randall Arnold: "The Dolphin Riders"
Wayne Howell
Justin Hunter
Allen Crowley

Participating artists:

Stacy Tompkins
Mack Carter
Francine Grattan
Matthew Sallack
Sanford Black

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