Comedy Trifecta: Final Weekends of the Month will Feature Comedy Showcases

Denton lacks a comedy club, but that’s not slowing down Taylor Higginbotham. Three different venues will host comedy showcases spanning over the final weekend of each month. It’s another step forward for a growing comedy scene after last year featured periodic showcases (Joketopia, Convenient Comedy, Language of Laughter) sprinkled throughout weekly open mic nights geared towards comedians. 

In addition to featuring the talented local comedians, there is hope to start drawing in out-of-towners passing through on tour. Joe Coffee may joke that he’s aspiring to a living where he gets paid in drink tickets, but he’ll play a role in utilizing connections he’s made from immersing himself in the comedy scene. 

In addition to rotating lineups, these events will also rotate hosts. Friday, February 24th, Javoris James and Daniel Magden will host the Amiews Comedy Showcase at Bearded Monk. The following evening is a showcase at Backyard on Bell with a completely different lineup that is not to be regarded any less. Andy’s Bar will be the comedy showcase site for Sundays but that won’t start until the last weekend of March. 

Times are changing in Denton (when are they not, really?), and Dentonites seeking a few laughs don’t have to drive to Addison’s Improv Club with a two-drink minimum or rely solely on Netflix comedy specials. Even with the absence of a dedicated comedy club, the DIY spirit of local comedians are creating opportunities for themselves. Support this homegrown effort and make a point to check out these shows.

Flyers designed by Taylor Higginbotham
Header image design by Brittany Keeton