Alternative Gifts Fair

When it comes to holiday gift shopping, the unique one-of-a-kind creations you find from the stalls of local makers are the most exciting, because you know you are gifting someone something no one else will. This one-of-a-kind treasure, made by your own hands, or the talented hands of another. The place to find that perfect present may be hidden in the trove of gifts that will be available at the Alternative Gifts Fair being held at the First United Methodist Church at 201 S. Locust over the course of this first weekend in November.

Gifts are created by non-profits, locally, nationally, and internationally to help raise awareness and funds for their causes. The fair takes place on Nov 4-6th, and is a way to shop for gifts and make an impact, or as the FUMC has deemed it, “socially responsible shopping & giving with local and national artisans.” Featuring origami artists, hand painted corn-hole boards, hand sewed Batwa bowls, and an opportunity to learn more about local human agencies that include Our Daily Bread, Habitat for Humanity, Denton Community Food Center, Monsignor King Outreach Center, and the Denton Community Health Clinic who will all have booths and be opening communication as to what you can do to get involved. Sometimes the greatest gift of all, is the gift of your time. Donating a couple hours here and there with different charity organizations as they move into their busiest time of the year.

Sharon Kremer, of Our Daily Bread, is one of the hard working locals behind this event that is even showing support for International Causes, and Paper for Water will also be represented, they are based in Plano and was started by two young girls, who organize origami-folding parties. Their origami ornaments are gifts that help fund clean water for communities, some in Syria and some in US Native American reservations. Another nonprofit, of international impact is XSProject Indonesia who raises global awareness of the effects of trash on the environment and society.” XS Project is about sharing knowledge on  repurposing and recycling and teaching consumers to practice this in their daily lives.

This isn’t your run of the mill Holiday Craft Show, the organizations educate, repair, build, bring hope, feed, clothe, and rescue. "The Alternative Craft Fair is 3 days of doing good while buying goods from around the world,” says Kremer. One of the many booths at the event is full of donated pieces from the community and church congregation, with all proceeds from the sales of these creations being donated to support Monsignor King Outreach Center, a Denton shelter for the homeless that recently opened in the past year.

The Alternative Gifts Fair is another great opportunity in the community to take those hard earned dollars and buy local. Not only supporting local commerce, but the ongoing initiative of Denton to make a difference in the lives of others.

Header image design by Jason Lee