8 Ours: Art Show Preview

Time can't be controlled, yet this invisible thing influences the management of how to go about everyday life. In response to the 8-hour day slogan, "8 hours labor, 8 hours, recreation, 8 hours rest" the Collective Mind of the Individual Artist is putting on pop-up 8 hour exhibit at Brick Haus in which there is a sense of control and room for imagination. The experience begins at 2pm today.

"The idea started at one of our first meetings questioning what you could do as an artist if you had 8 hours to work on your art or practice," says Rachel Weaver. The response to the 8 hour day slogan is complex. Various forms of time management can work for different people, but the exhibit also affirms the difficulties of having the best routine to accomplish one's goals. For an artist who keeps an open mind throughout their creative process, an 8 hour work session can lead them to a place different than anticipated.

The show will feature a wide variety of mediums. Ingredients include music and dance collaborations, philosophy roundtable discussion, live sculptures, and interactive installations are among the different types of performative works that will be happening.

The CMIA works as a social unit where members seek to help each other out with resources, and any individual member is free to organize a show. Their first show featured Ellen Frenkel's work at Voertman's Gallery with the theme "Our Past Shapes Our Future." The opening reception was on MLK Jr. Day, and attendees were encouraged to take part in the Denton MLK march. 

Artists who wish to get involved should attend a show and speak with one of the participants. Bringing the community of artists together is part of their mission. Membership is open-ended and people can join in any capacity they wish. The collective is keeping publicity low-key without having a Facebook page or website. 


Durational Exhibition:
2pm-6pm: Artist Installations, collaborations, workshops, and discussions

Performative Works:
4-5pm: Rachel Weaver
5-5:30pm: Given McClure
5:30-6pm: Westin Oxking Portillo
6:15-6:45pm: Julie Libersat
7-7:30pm: Rebecca Noel
7:30-8pm: Alexandra Honchell and Nadie Nariz
8pm-8:30pm: Will Frenkel
8:30pm- 9pm: Julian Quinn

9-10pm: Artist de-installation and closing

*Speaking of time, this article was written during a 30 minute break in the middle of the writer's 9 hour shift at a warehouse. The interview to gain information about the event and CMIA was done over 30 minutes in an online chat with Rachel Weaver.

Flyer designed by members of  CMIA
Header image designed by Brittany Keeton