Lights, Camera, Action! - 48 Hour Film Race Welcomes All Talents to Participate

Create an entire cinema-quality short film in two days? Challenge accepted.

At least, that’s the attitude of participants in the UNT Short Film Club’s “48 Hour Film Race”. Taking place between August 26th and 28th, this competition challenges community members of all experience levels to team up and create the best short film possible in-you guessed it- 48 hours.

The event kicks off at 3pm at Audacity Brewhouse on the 26th of August. At that time, groups will receive assigned elements that must be incorporated into their film. Each team is assigned a character, a prop, a line of a dialogue, and the fourth requirement is a mystery category that won't be revealed until the race begins. (!!!) The deadline will be set for the 28th, and then films will be screened at an awards ceremony on September 9th.

We hope each team will have stocked up on extra sleep beforehand. 48 hours to create and complete a short film from scratch is an exhilarating race against time. The Short Film Club president, Taylor Worst, knows that Denton has talent.

"The film industry in this area is booming because a lot of kids are graduating and sticking around," Worst says. Short Film Club members themselves play a big part in growing the scene. Last year 20 independent films were made by SFC members. These films are made due to a powerful desire to tell visual stories despite having little funding and scarce resources.

That sheer willpower will be put to good use for a film race.

Do you want to join a team but feel you don't have enough contacts? There will be a cast and crew meet-up at Audacity Brewhouse on Wednesday, August 17th at 6pm. Filmmakers will be on the lookout to fill in missing cast and crew members. Plus there will be half-priced beer for those who are of age. All adults are welcome to join the competition. 

Check out the following links for rules and registration info:
Online Registration
How to Play
Race Rules