Art Show Preview: Delaney Smith's "Bearing Capacity" at Brick Haus

Life's responsibilities, no matter how big or small, seem to clump together in a weight that threatens to bring down everything we're holding up just to make it through adulthood. Delaney Smith's structures that are currently on display at Brick Haus evoke the stress of how much of a load any human can bear. Furthermore, they evoke the sense that humans would be lost without a struggle to take on. 

After all, it's the stories of struggle that people latch onto in search of inspiration. From day to day we're embedded in a society of people that are eager to share what all they have overcome. That's not a bad thing. The human spirit's perseverance to not let life's difficulties break them down is remarkable, actually. 

That human spirit is what Smith's structures in Bearing Capacity remind one of. Human nature is embroiled in both complexity and simplicity. Human life is fragile, but also difficult to give up. Viewers will notice the exhibit's structures mix together ephemeral material that is easily ripped apart balanced out with steel and thick rope. One should question whether their own personal struggles lift them to a higher purpose or drag them into a lack of fulfillment.

The closing reception for Bearing Capacity is Friday, May 19 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Brick Haus is located at 215 S. Woodrow Ln. 

Smith works in Marshall, North Carolina as a sculpture artist and educator. The story of her work explores methods of humanity grown through repetition. Delaney earned her BFA in Graphic Communications from the University of Southern Mississippi and her MFA in Fibers from UNT in 2013. 

Images courtesy of Brick Haus
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