David Liebe Hart Returns to Denton

David Liebe Hart has been an odd bird and a talented entertainer long before Adult Swim and the Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! And is currently touring the United States to make ends meet. The 50-something-year-old artist has been mused in and out of relationships for years and is now touring under artist management of California-based Jonah Mociun (aka Th' Mole), who is also an artist and part of Liebe Hart’s act.


In an interview with the San Antonio Current, Mociun says “I'm an artist and I'm a musician and David is my muse.” Mociun goes on to say, “He allows me to have an audience and he's really receptive to my artistic ideas, so we're doing this for now. It's fucking maddening sometimes but it's also fulfilling. It's fucking weird.”

“I am so sad to hear these rappers, musicians, etc, who throw their lives away on drugs and alcohol,” Liebe hart says.“Jean Stapleton and George Day, Walter Brennan, helped me to stay focused. Stay on the right track.”

Having just been in Denton last May, Liebe Hart returns tonight, Monday, April 18 at Dan’s Silverleaf for an evening of fun, puppetry, and extragalactic stories. Liebe Hart has been ASCAP song writer and publisher on and off for about 12 years.

Liebe Hart took ballet classes as a child and participated in acting classes at the Goodman Theater in Chicago since the 50’s.

“Some of the puppets I inherited from three famous Sunday school teachers, including Jim Henson,” Liebe Hart says. The LA-based street musician and portrait artist has been producing religious music ever since he was a young boy in the early 60’s. “I used to be an organist at the Sunday school,” he says.

More than Sunday school music, Liebe Hart raised $11,000 to produce a punk album under the moniker of The David Liebe Hart Band in 2013. In the winter of 2012, The David Liebe Hart Band recorded a few songs in Denton with Michael Briggs at Civil Recording Studio for Violitionist.

What’s next for Liebe Hart? He’ll be in Seasons 5 - 7 of “Check It Out with Steve Brule,” in addition to a few episodes of the “Eric Andre Show,” also airing Adult Swim. He is releasing two new albums next year, and he will be in a horror film next year, too.

You’ll either get his act or you won’t. He’s a little out there, sure, but the man is brilliantly talented and a damn fine, electric entertainer. And, he’s 100% for real, for real. It’s not an act.

What the hell else are you doing on a Monday night? You can get your tickets here and show up to Dan’s Silverleaf at 8:00 pm for Fishboy and stay for David Liebe Hart’s one-of-a kind performance.