#DefendDenton Brooklyn Brewery Pub Crawl

Don’t throw those costumes into storage just yet Dentonites, Brooklyn Brewery and The Greater Denton Arts Council are teaming up for a pub crawl you haven’t stumbled through before. Inspired by Brooklyn Brewery’s Defender IPA, the #DefendDenton Artist Immersion brings out your inner cartoon or real life super hero, a love for local art, and some very delicious beer. 


Today, from 2-6pm, super heroes will travel their way to 5 different watering holes while also battling, also known as drinking beer, for the greater good. The Bearded Monk, Harvest House, Mellow Mushroom, East Side, and Oak St. Draft House will each serve as the battleground against evil, and will host a local artist who in addition to selling their own artworks will each be creating their own unique rendition of The Defender with any kind of medium they would like to utilize. These artist include Matthew Sallack, Jamie McRoberts, Cameron Cox, Joe Duncan, and Travis Sykes... and in their very talented hands we trust. 


In addition to being beer’d, the first 100 people to collect a stamp from all five stops will receive a Brooklyn Defender Pint Glass and tickets to the GDAC Heroes in the Making exhibit at the Patterson Appleton Arts Center. And those heroic Nice Guys will also be out to join the ranks of superheroes with live screen printing featuring custom designs that are sure to help you on your mission to the finish line. Come on, you know that shirt can double as a cape. 

Cameron Cox will be set up at East Side working on her interpretation of The Defender,” I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many badass women in my lifetime, they’ve become my own personal heroes and army of lead. These women are strong, beautiful, intelligent, and have built themselves up from the gravel, I couldn’t think of a better character that the Defender to represent these hell fire dames of Denton!”

Matthew Sallak is set to be posted up at Oak St Draft House in the beautiful backyard,“I think what's cool about this beer is how it is the official beer of NY Comic Con 2016. And that Brooklyn Brewery is reaching out all over the world to involve other artists in the promotion of the Defender IPA. I am excited to be a part of it. It's refreshing to see a brewery reach out to artists and host a live event where artists can show their work. It's a collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery, the artists at this event, and the town of Denton itself.”

Joe Duncan will be outside Mellow Mushroom, “I’m excited that I can participate in an event that is more illustration based and comic book based in Denton. Illustration is a really underserved area of the fine art in the creative scene in Denton. I greatly appreciate the GDAC hosting a program that highlights artists working illustration and comic art and including it as an equally respectable art form in the professional realm.”

Jamie McRoberts will be defending the coolers and shelves of The Bearded Monk,"I just did my thing on this one. I took lots of time to study the individual elements of the design, sketched some things out, in typical fashion, jumped into it and got busy. She's become a defender of a strange sort, but ready for justice or friendship or whatevs."

Travis Sykes will be the protector of Harvest House,"A lot of my inspiration is going to come from the name Defender, except I'm going to use a Western/vigilante theme. I've lived here in Denton for 8 years and just last month was my first visit to the state fair. Big Tex is such an iconic figure, and where I will be drawing inspiration."


Grab your capes, spandex, and masks and get ready to #DefendDenton tomorrow! Find out more about the Defender character and scoop up your tickets through Brooklyn Brewery’s Website.