Juice Lab to Expand in the New Year

In early 2016, The Juicery grew from a simple stand at the Denton Community Market into the Juice Lab, a 1200 sq ft space at 508 S Elm St. What started off as one juicer and a modest booth, as turned into a full fledged organic juice bar and natural bakery, specializing in raw and organic. And they aren’t done ya’ll. 

Loni Puckett had always had plans to expand the concept, and with Twisted Bodies moving into their new building down the street, there is no better time than now. “It was really a series of event that allowed us to begin the expansion, with Twisted Bodies vacating the space next door,” says Puckett. The landlord reached out to the current tenants to see if they wanted an opportunity to grow their business before putting the space on the market, and both Juice Lab and Jack’s Tavern are expanding into the space. 

Juice Lab is in the process of becoming Juice Bar & Grill, and the menu is going to see the addition of not only more vegan and vegetarian options, but they are bringing in additional proteins and meats as well. Taking their smashes and smoothie bowls to another level by offering a slew of additional options, so you can fully customize your meal. “Were doing farm to table, bringing in more farmers for that part of the restaurant and not just for the meat. We locally source as much as we can, with all ingredients being organic. Half or more of the menu will still be vegan/vegetarian,” says Puckett, and they aren’t trying to empty your piggy bank either. Juice Bar & Grill will offer a wide price range to appeal to all budgets, proving “ you don’t have to spend money to be healthy, you just have to be creative.”

The main menu wall comes down this week, and a fully loaded kitchen has already been set up in the back of the original space. The fast casual dining experience will bring healthier takes on comfort food, like burgers and grilled cheese. The additional 800 sq ft also allows them to expand on the quick snack and meal offerings that currently fill the cooler as well, “with the restaurant we can have more grab and go meal options, so people can grab their morning juice or smoothie and something they can take back to the office and heat up for lunch,” says Puckett, and it doesn’t stop there. 

Family owned Juice Lab has been working with local organization 7Feathers to bring a greater sense of community to the south side of the square. Through the collaborative efforts of the Juice Lab and 7Feathers, in addition to the other tenants in the shopping center, they recently threw the 2nd Block Party of the year with multiple stages, live art, vendors, and plenty of opportunities for families to come out and enjoy the activities as well. With the additional space, they look forward to bringing in live music and extending the weekend hours. You’ll even be able to enjoy a healthy cocktail, you can BYOB and select from their menu of in-house crafted mixers, like the spicy bloody mary and the vegan white russian.

Keep up with Juice Lab through their facebook, and make sure to check out their website! They recently began making their own kombucha, and hosting workshops so you can learn how to make your own too!