Anjelica Fraga, Events Coordinator

Anjelica graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a BA in English and minor in Women’s Studies in 2015. She is currently employed as a staff member at TWU and loves the campus community. Harvest House, East Side, and Lucky Lou’s have become some of her favorite spots around town and she is on a mission to try every taqueria in Denton.

Anjelica enjoys being involved in the creative scene as a spoken word artist. Most recently she has performed with Cool Schmool and Spiderweb Salon. Her theater background and budding feminism led her to the Vagina Monologues in 2014, and she has worked on the show every year since, serving in various roles such as monologist, producer, and cheerleader.  

Harry Potter, re-watching the same TV shows over and over again, and makeup are some of Anjelica's many passions. Most important in Anjelica's life is her committed relationship with chicken nuggets. She lives with her fiancé and their fur babies Bing Crosby, Suki, and Ollivander.

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