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Why advertise with The Dentonite? As the only regular, alternative source for news in Denton, The Dentonite is the pulse of the town. We publish 1-4 new articles a day, Monday - Friday. We average between 1,200 - 5,000 views on our website per day (depending on the content topics posted), and we average 30,000 - 45,000 views per month. As of September 27, 2017, we have increased traffic by more than 96% over last year.

The Dentonite writes about and reports on local music, arts, culture, food, and other events taking place in Denton. We are an online only publication, active and growing on social media, and we are mobile friendly. 

Our staff and contributors are currently volunteering their time and talents to make this online publication tick. The Dentonite works with local journalists, photographers, videographers, and others who want experience in the journalism community. We want to show you Denton through the eyes of the Dentonite's that are creating the culture in town. Advertising with The Dentonite isn't just helping your business, it is also helping local creatives pay some bills.

The Dentonite has been mentioned and linked back in Jezebel, E! Online, Daily Mail, US Magazine, Wikipedia, Guide Live, Central Track, Denton Record-Chronicle, and many more.

We've got the right option for you.

Monthly Website Display. We currently have three options for monthly website ads. One, square sized static ad on homepage and blog. Two, square sized rotating image on homepage and blog (update to 4 different images / businesses). Three, banner ad on homepage - or - calendar page. 

Video Sponsorships. We currently produce three different video series, The Dentonite LIVE! (weekly), Strange Denton (monthly), & Denton Does (quarterly). Our videos average more than 1,000 organic views within the first 24 hours of posting on Facebook. All of our videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel as well. Put your business in front of the future of Denton in a video that will remain online for-ev-er. 

Event Sponsorships. Our calendar is updated almost daily and always at least a month out. In addition to making sure your event is listed on our calendar, you can sponsor your event via The Dentonite.

Social Media. Watch your social media audience grow while partnering with The Dentonite. 

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